Dec 4, 2012

Tuesday morning

Hmm, that doesn't sound so good. Well it's, nevertheless, a brand new day. So wake up!

 Dear child, (speaking like a real old person :p)

Cherish every moment. Embrace them like they're the last. Never think too much of the future as it is uncertain. Never regret your past as they're what you make of yourself now.

And last but not least, a little bit cliche of Malaysians ; "Hidup hanya sekali, jom kita enjoy!" What kind of $*** is that? Life is paradox. So, be good like you're going to meet your God tomorrow. And work hard like your life will go on until all your teeth fall off, and so, you need to buy a set of false one. (Well, it's not cheap I know that)

till then.

Sep 23, 2012

Motivasi.. lalala ^.^

Everyone has got something to prove,
Believe me, it ain't gonna be easy,
But it's NOT hopeless...

So, there's this one teacher (man) in my school. So, he always love to bury us down deep in the ground. So, each time he enters our class, he would sit on a chair in front of us and would have stare us as if we are very weak and vulnerable catch and that he would hunt each and everyone of us down.
And so, he always tell us that we are no better than the last class of our batch ( fyi, we're in the first class ). And that, we will NEVER replace the previous batch in his heart ( well, there are other teachers we could take over their hearts off the previous batch ).
And that, the meanEST thing he ever said to us was " there would be no difference," ( Takde beza pun ).
Well, some of us may take that as a joke while some others might believe that they have no hope and that they cannot reach for the better. ( That could kill a teenager )

Well, I gotta say that I took his words as challenge. Another mountain to take over. I'm gonna prove that he was WRONG. 

I want him to know that there WILL be a difference. Even if we decide to make a change at the eleventh hour, we could still make a difference. 

p/s, I think it's already the eleventh hour.. There's no time to waste. We have to make it. Ganbate!